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The Theocratic Fascist Cruz, Trump and the Useless Texas Dems


 Trump’s personal attacks have descended yet another notch. Today he criticized the size of Rubio’s ears. 

Trump’s mass appeal to America’s idiots continues unabated. At times it seems he may actually make it all the way. He is a very dangerous man and not to be underestimated. Still, I am hopeful Trump will fail. 

If the other candidates stay in the race, Trump likely Won’t have the deal sealed before the Convention. If Trump goes to convention with insufficient votes, old school Republicans will do everything they can to broker a deal that cuts him out. If he gets cuts out and runs as an independent he will likely syphon Rs not Ds.

As for the Dems, HRC needs to be less prepackaged and find some heart or Bernie supporters won’t bother voting for her. I am a Bernie supporter but in general election I will vote for HRC over any R. 
The American people are stupid, but the Rs in power will do all to block Trump. And what if they fail and Trump somehow wins? 
Trump tilts fascist but He has little actual philosophy. That’s why he has given money to both sides. 90% of the things he says he will do, he won’t be able to do because Congress won’t pay for it.
Trump is bad, but not as bad as the theocratic fascist Cruz. Cruz actually believes in Dominionism and as such he represents a greater threat to America. The good news is that it appears Cruz won’t get the nomination. Hopefully the Rs will find a human to run against him in the next Senate primary.

 Don’t count on Texas Dems to do anything. They might successfully jerk off into a ball cap, beyond that they have no message, no unity and currently no future.

Robb Fickman, Houston

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