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Robert Fickman is a HIGHLY RATED criminal defense lawyer with over 39 years experience.

He has a PROVEN TRACK RECORD of fighting hard for the rights of his clients and obtaining SUCCESSFUL RESULTS for over 39 years.

Robert is passionate about his work and provides PERSONAL ATTENTION to every client.


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A Lifetime of Defending the Rights and Freedoms of Accused Texans

Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Robert J. Fickman

For over 38 years, Houston criminal lawyer Robert Fickman has successfully defended people accused of some of the most serious state and federal crimes in Texas. He believes that there is nothing more important than your liberty, and that it is his job to protect it.

In contrast to many of his colleagues, Mr. Fickman is not a former prosecutor. He has never prosecuted anyone for a crime – and he never will. Due to his strong beliefs about rights and freedoms, he has spent the entirety of his career standing up for the accused. In fact, he believes so fervently in protecting our rights that in 2012 he was named “Mr. Declaration of Independence” in an article in The Texas Bar Journal, and in 2017 the president of the State Bar cited Robert Fickman as an example of a lawyer whose actions had positively impacted the legal community and commended him for organizing the reading of the Declaration around the state.

To Mr. Fickman, organizing the reading of the Declaration represents his commitment to remind Texans of their rights – and Texas lawyers of our continued obligation to fight to maintain liberty for all Texans.

When you decide to work with Robert Fickman, you can rest assured that you are getting an experienced and well-respected attorney who is dedicated to making sure your rights are protected, and that you receive fair treatment under the law. It does not matter who you are, what you are accused of, or whether you are being prosecuted in state or federal court – you have rights, and they should never be violated.


While this is a new law, the Government has already filed charges against individuals alleging they submitted fraudulent PPP loan applications. As the money allocated is for Covid-19 relief, the Government is zealously investigating potential fraud cases. Robert Fickman defends against PPP Fraud charges.
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Family Violence

Family Violence may be charged as a misdemeanor or as a felony depending on the specific allegations. It is important to know that the complainant does not have to be an actual family member for you to be charged with Family Violence. Robert Fickman defends Family Violence charges.
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Federal Crimes

Federal cases are generally more complicated and harder than state cases. Federal agents often take months or years to investigate a case, Federal trials are often quickly set. This means time is of the essence in obtaining counsel and preparing a good defense. Robert Fickman has defended more than 275 Federal cases.
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In the past 39 years, Robert Fickman has defended people charged with virtually every kind of state and federal criminal offense. Among other cases, he has successfully defended clients charged with Assault, DWI, Possession of Controlled Substances, Complex Federal Fraud Cases, Drug Conspiracies, Aggravated Robbery, Murder, and a wide range of Sex Offenses.

Robert Fickman has defended people from all walks of life – from clients who have never seen the inside of a courtroom to clients with lengthy criminal records. Defending people comes naturally to him. Unlike many of his colleagues, Robert has never prosecuted anyone and never will. He has dedicated his entire career to defending people accused of crimes.


If you are under investigation, Robert Fickman will FIGHT to KEEP YOU FROM GETTING CHARGED. If you have already been charged with a crime, he will FIGHT to GET YOUR CASE DISMISSED. If your case cannot be dismissed, he will FIGHT to WIN YOUR CASE. He will aggressively explore every option to protect your record and your rights.

Of course, every case is different, but Robert is experienced, thorough, and detailed. He will present you with the best possible options for your case. If You Are Looking For An Attorney Who Will FIGHT For Your Freedom, Call TODAY for a free case evaluation: 713-655-7400.


Robert Fickman has earned a reputation for honesty, hard work, integrity and winning. Clients know that he will do his best, no matter what the situation. It is not necessary to have a referral for Robert to assist you. If you want Robert Fickman to fight for you, call today 713-655-7400.

Robert’s law practice is dedicated solely to criminal defense. He has tried many cases in the Harris County Criminal Courthouse and in the Federal Courthouse. He has won high publicity cases. Over the years, his results have earned him an outstanding reputation among his peers and clients. Approximately half of his cases involve federal charges while the other half involve Texas state charges. See what past clients say about Robert Fickman.

No Matter What You Have Been Accused of in Texas, Robert Fickman Can Help

Many people feel railroaded by the criminal justice system. Their rights are rarely explained to them in an adequate manner, and law enforcement does everything it its power to paint them in a negative light and secure a conviction. In many cases, accused individuals may even feel mistreated by their own lawyers as they are pushed through the system.

This can be especially true for certain types of cases and charges. Perhaps the attorney you chose is not well-versed in handling that type of offense. Or the prosecutor in the area has been specifically tasked with going after people accused of a particular crime.

These are things that can impact the quality of the legal defense you receive if you do not choose a lawyer who knows the law intimately and has a true desire to fight back and protect your rights.

Robert Fickman is that attorney. With his decades of experience in both Texas state and federal criminal courts, he knows the law like the back of his hand, as well as which strategies are most likely to earn you the best possible outcome.

In the past 39 years, Robert Fickman has defended people charged with virtually every kind of criminal offense, including:

Texas State Crimes

Federal Crimes

Ultimately, Mr. Fickman knows that all of his clients want the same thing, regardless of what they are facing: their case to go away. If
you are facing charges, that means getting your case dismissed. If you are being investigated, it means stopping charges from ever being filed. He wants the same thing – your goals are his goals. And even though he cannot promise a specific outcome, he can tell you that he will fight tooth and nail to help you obtain your goal, and that it is a mentality that has saved many people over his decades of work.


Over the past 39 years, Robert Fickman has handled more than 275 Federal criminal cases in the Southern District of Texas.

Established & Respected in the Legal Community

Houston Criminal Lawyer Robert J. Fickman SuperLawyers
Houston Criminal Attorney Robert J. Fickman AVVO 10.0 Top Attorney

Awards & Recognitions

 Texas and Federal Criminal Defense with a Respected Track Record

Over the course of his career, attorney Robert Fickman has successfully represented people from all walks of life who were facing a wide variety of criminal charges both in Texas state and federal court. Every case is different, and the defense strategies he crafted were unique for each one. The only similarity is the result.

In case after case, Mr. Fickman is known for helping his clients consistently win dismissals, get charges dropped, and mitigate serious outcomes. Thankfully, his willingness to fight – and win – has not gone unrecognized. Just some of the awards he has received over the years include:

       Texas “Super Lawyer” every year from 2015-2021.

       Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association (HCCLA) has honored him with their President’s Award (2020 and 2018) and Member of the Year Award (2020, 2012), as well as the Torch of Liberty Award (2019), recognizing his efforts in the pursuit of liberty and justice.

       Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (TCDLA) honored him with their President’s Award (2018), Liberty Award (2016), for promoting liberty in Texas, and Justice Award (2013), for promoting justice in Texas.

       Texas Monthly Magazine named him to their list of “Top Criminal Defense Lawyers in the Houston Area” (2015).

       Houstonia Magazine named him a “Top Lawyer in Criminal Defense” (2015).

       Has received the highest possible rating in both legal ability and ethical standards from Martindale-Hubbell – AV Preeminent – for 22 straight years, as well as being named a “Top Rated Lawyer in Texas” (2015).

        AVVO has presented him with “Top Attorney” and “Client’s Choice“ awards and he boasts a 10.0 Superb Rating.

The recognition that Fickman believes matters the most, however, comes from his countless grateful and satisfied clients. Nothing tells you more about a criminal lawyer’s abilities and what it is like to work with them than reading what past clients have to say, and Robert Fickman is proud to display many glowing testimonials


As criminal defense lawyers go, Robb is one of the best. Working with him on numerous and varied matters, I know him to be caring, dedicated and extremely thorough in all his legal matters. More importantly, his trial skills are outstanding. In fact, they are so good that he is often called upon by different bar organizations to teach them to their membership. That said, it is not debatable that he is a lawyer's lawyer in the eyes of his peers. Accordingly, I highly endorse this lawyer as a great defender of Constitutional Rights and Liberties. He is a zealous advocate for his clients and will always be there for them, both personally and professionally.

J. Trichter, Criminal Defense Lawyer