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Federal Crimes

Federal cases are generally more complicated and more complex than state cases. Federal agents often take months or years to investigate a case, and Federal trials are often quickly set. This means time is of the essence in obtaining counsel and preparing a good defense.

Decades of Federal Courtroom Experience

I have represented clients in federal court for many years. Having handled over 300 federal cases throughout my career, I have the knowledge, experience, and investigative resources needed to fight for the best possible results for my clients. I am licensed in all Federal Districts in Texas (Southern, Northern, Western and Eastern)

Federal Crimes and Criminal Charges

I counsel and defend people in federal criminal cases including but not limited to the following kinds of federal criminal charges:

It’s not uncommon for people to panic when they learn they are the subject of a federal investigation. Unfortunately, people occasionally panic and begin removing, destroying, or withholding documents and records in the mistaken belief that doing so will remove suspicion from them or prevent them from being indicted. Doing so, however, constitutes an obstruction of justice.

Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Robert J. Fickman

Grand Jury Testimony - Why it's Important to have an Attorney

You may be asked to testify before a federal grand jury. People who testify before grand juries are witnesses, persons of interest, or criminal suspects. While you may initially appear as a witness, what you say before a grand jury could make you a person of interest or a full-blown criminal suspect. That’s why it’s crucial to have an attorney advising and counseling you if you are called before a federal grand jury.

Although the law does not allow you to have your attorney present in the grand jury room, I may remain in the hallway outside. Anytime a question is asked that you are not sure how to answer, you can get up, walk out into the hallway, and confer with your attorney. As your lawyer, I wait outside the grand jury hearing room, prepared to answer any questions you might have.

If you’ve been charged with a Federal Crime, here is helpful information about Federal Court Proceedings for those charged with Federal Crimes.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

When selecting someone to represent me in federal court, Mr. Fickman stood out as the perfect attorney.
I would recommend Rob Fickman to anyone in my situation. I do not have enough good things to say about him.
Stephanie M.
He did great work and very caring. I would recommend him to anyone needing his services. I thank God for putting him in my path.
Jacinto Z.
Mr Fickman is very professional and highly experienced in his field.
Sam D.
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Case Results


Case Dismissed (M.M.)

The client, a Houston area medical assistant, was accused by her estranged husband of assaulting her in her family home. The defense showed that the complainant had a history of alcohol abuse and violence. The defense demonstrated that the police failed to conduct an adequate investigation of the initial charge, No charges should have ever been accepted.


No PPP Fraud Charges Filed.

The client believed to be facing potential  Wire Fraud  Charges related to SBA PPP loan applications.  Investigation of applications for  PPP loans and PPP forgiveness demonstrated that the Client had at all times acted in a  lawful manner.  Investigation demonstrated no fraud was committed by the client. Case closed.


Case Dismissed ( I.J.)

Client was charged by Federal Indictment with making a social media post that threatened Malicious Damage and Destruction of a Building by Means of Fire and Explosives in violation of Federal law. The Defense showed that Client was a law-abiding citizen. The Defense further showed that the alleged threat was not made with any criminal intent.


Grand Jury No Bill- No Charges (M.L.)

The client, a public official with a long history of public service, was accused by a former girlfriend of engaging in non-consensual sexual relations. The Defense investigation and analysis showed through a detailed timeline that the allegation made absolutely no sense. Phone records, including calls and texts, were relied on to help establish an accurate timeline. The Defense met with law enforcement and reviewed a detailed package that exonerated the accused.


Case Dismissed (A.R.)

Client, a Houston area professional who frequently travels for work, was accused by his wife of assaulting her in his  family home. Defense showed that wife’s story lacked credibility and there was no physical evidence in support of the wife’s allegation.


Case Dismissed (B.B.)

The client, a young Black male,  was driving his car when police pulled him over for no apparent reason. It looked to be a profile stop. The client was accused of possessing a controlled substance in his vehicle. The Defense showed that there was no lawful basis for the police to stop the Client’s car. The Defense also showed that there was no lawful basis for the search of the Client’s car. It was a bad search, so the seized evidence was not admissible.


Not Guilty (C.R.)

Client charged in Federal Indictment In “Operation Wrecking Ball” with 55 named co-defendants.  Client faced seven charges. Client was charged with Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine and Conspiracy to Engage in Money Laundering. Client was also charged with four counts of Distribution of Cocaine and one count of Money laundering.

Allegations involved client’s alleged use of his home to distribute cocaine. Government’s lengthy investigation involved numerous wiretaps, surveillance, video, pole cams, search warrants, vehicle stops and use of cooperating co-defendants.

Client went to trial with four remaining defendants. After a two-week trial, Judge granted Motion for Acquittal on four of the seven charges. Jury found Client Not Guilty of remaining three charges.


Probation - No Jail Time (T.R.)

Client charged in Federal Court with two counts of Wire Fraud related to Five SBA EIDL loan applications. The Government alleged the client, a Houston professional, defrauded the Small Business Administration out of over $150,000. The Government also found the intended loss was over half a million dollars. The Client faced up to 20 years in prison on each count. The Defense investigated the case and negotiated a deal that included the Government not opposing a probation. The Federal Guideline calculation was for a prison sentence and the Probation Department recommended a prison sentence. Attorney Fickman submitted a 90 page Defense Sentencing Memorandum asking for Probation.


Case Dismissed (K.L.)

Client was retired professional. Client was accused of being involved in a road rage incident in 1960 Area. Defense put together a 100 page memorandum that demonstrated complainant was actual aggressor.


Case Dismissed (P.C.)

Client was accused of touching child. Case involved thousands of pages of psychiatric and Child Protective Services records as well as investigations by multiple police departments. After three- year fight, case dismissed.


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