Federal Crimes

Federal cases are generally more complicated and harder than state cases. Federal agents often take months or years to investigate a case, Federal trials are often quickly set. This means time is of the essence in obtaining counsel and preparing a good defense.

Decades of Federal Courtroom Experience

I have represented clients for many years in federal court. Having handled over 275 federal cases over the course of my career, I have the knowledge, experience and investigative resources needed to fight for the best possible results for my clients.

Federal Crimes and Criminal Charges

I counsel and defend people in federal criminal cases including but not limited to the following kinds of federal criminal charges:

It’s not uncommon for people to panic when they learn they are the subject of a federal investigation. Unfortunately, people occasionally panic and begin removing, destroying, or withholding documents and records in the mistaken belief that doing so will remove suspicion from them or prevent them from being indicted. Doing so, however, constitutes an obstruction of justice.

As a federal criminal defense attorney, my goal is to advise and counsel clients regarding how to survive a federal investigation without being charged.

Grand Jury Testimony - Why it's Important to have an Attorney

You may be asked to testify before a federal grand jury. People who testify before grand juries are either witnesses, persons of interest, or criminal suspects. While you may initially appear as a witness, what you say before a grand jury could result in your becoming a person of interest or a full-blown criminal suspect. That’s why it’s crucial to have an attorney advising and counseling you if you are called before a federal grand jury.

Although the law does not allow you to have your attorney present in the grand jury room, I may remain in the hallway outside. Anytime a question is asked that you are not sure how to answer, you can get up, walk out into the hallway, and confer with your attorney. As your lawyer, I wait outside the grand jury hearing room prepared to answer any questions you might have.

If you’ve been charged with a Federal Crime, here is helpful information about Federal Court Proceedings for those charged with Federal Crimes.