Houston Assault Charges

Houston Assault Charges Defense Lawyer

Assault charges can arise from a domestic dispute or other types of conflict. Often these charges boil down to a swearing match between you and another person. Unfortunately, no matter how justified you believe your actions were if convicted, you could be sent to jail, fined, and left with a permanent criminal record. If divorced, your visitation rights may be affected, and your personal movements restricted by a restraining order.

If a restraining order is issued against you, federal law requires that you not have any firearms. Additionally, you could lose your job if your employer has a zero-tolerance policy regarding criminal convictions. As your attorney, I do everything I can to develop a strong defense so you are not convicted of a crime due to a misunderstanding, false testimony, or a situation where you acted in self-defense.

I have over 39 years of experience in defending people charged with assault, aggravated assault, spousal abuse, and other violent offenses. I know from experience how easy it is for someone to be arrested on assault charges based on false statements. The same is true of domestic violence charges.

I represent people charged with assault in cases involving the following:

Domestic violence
– Bar fight
– Road Rage
– Dispute with a neighbor
– Parking lot fight
– Fight at a sports event