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The Press Became Trump Camp Followers when We Most Needed an Edward R. Murrow 


By now, unless you are a moron,you know Trump is a dangerous man. This dangerous man could have been stopped had he been fully exposed early on by the press.
Unfortunately, When National journalists had a chance to ask Trump tough questions,especially early on, they passed. They passed on a chance to do their job.

They asked questions that were meaningless.CNN Chris Cuomo chatted amiably with Trump about Cuomo’s friendship with Ivanka.
When the press did ask tougher questions, they let Trump get away with sidestepping. Anderson Cooper tried to ask tough questions.But Cooper, like many other “journalists” let Trump dodge. Trump said what he wanted and the press sat like stumps of wood.
Finally, the press, showing remarkable Gutlessness, never asked the most obvious questions:
– Explain point by point the logistics of how you intend to deport 11 million people?
– How are you going to make these Mass Arrests? What force will you use to make these arrests?
– Where are you going to put the people detained and their children? Concentration Camps?

-At what rate will you deport these people?

– To move 11million people in 4 years, do you realize you have to deport 229,166 people a month?

– Do you realize that deporting 229,166 people a month is the same as deporting the entire city of Lubbock, Norfolk or Jersey City each month?

The press gave Trump endless free coverage because his outrageous statements made for good copy. In giving Trump unprecedented coverage, the national press forgot it’s duty to expose the truth. The Press acted more like Trump Camp Followers. They eagerly awaited his next outrageously offensive comment.
In becoming Camp Followers the Press forgot their duty to objectively report the ugly truth. Early on the ugly truth remained untouched. Trump, the megalomaniacal fascist was allowed to spew the worst of speech without any “journalist” taking him on.
We needed a journalist that had the courage to stand up to Trump. We needed an Edward R. Murrow. We still need an Edward R. Murrow.
Robb Fickman, Houston

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