Continuing a tradition began by Robert J. Fickman in 2010, the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association met on the steps of the criminal courthouse to read the Declaration of Independence in celebration of Independence Day.


Opinion: Many Texas judges acting inhumanely  
Published: Voice for the Defense / May 13, 2020

Minimal Standard  
Published: Houston Chronicle / December 1, 2019

Crossing the Rubicon: History of HCCLA Judicial Misconduct Complaints
Published: The Defender / Fall 2019

Judges and justice  
Published: Houston Chronicle / October 23, 2019

Thank You to Our Organizers for State Declaration Readings  
Published: Voice for The Defense / July 2019

Just Do The Right Thing
Published: The Defender / Spring 2019

2019 Judicial Suggestions
Published: The Defender / Spring 2019

Court appearances  
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Remembering Racehorse: A Tribute to Richard “Racehorse” Haynes  
Published: The Defender / Spring 2018

No Excuses  
Published: Houston Chronicle / February 28, 2018

Bail Bonds  
Published: Houston Chronicle / October 9, 2017

Thank you to All Declaration Reading Local Leaders  
Published: Voice for the Defense / July 25, 2017

A Tough Sell  
Published: Houston Chronicle / April 28, 2016

Harris County: Your Self-Praise Stinks  
Published: Reasonable Doubt / April 22, 2016

Jury Determines the Victim  
Published: Houston Chronicle / February 12, 2016

Coercion and Indigence  
Published: Reasonable Doubt / October 7, 2015

Deadly Force and HPD  
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Effect Change  
Published: Houston Chronicle / January 14, 2015

Harris County Texas: Where the Innocent Must Plead Guilty to Regain Their Liberty  
Published: Fickmanlaw Blog / November 26, 2013

Press Forward  
Published: Houston Chronicle / April 28, 2013

We Must Change Harris County’s Shameful Appointment System Now  
Published: Fickmanlaw Blog / January 24, 2013

Stop the Prosecutorial Misconduct  
Published: The Houston Chronicle / December 31, 2011

Clogging the Courts  
Published: The Houston Chronicle / December 13, 2011

Prosecutors and liberty  
Published: Houston Chronicle / October 21, 2011

Reading the Declaration of Independence  
Published: Voice for the Defense / July/August 2011

The Blame Game  
Published: Houston Chronicle / July 14, 2011

Clearly disguised  
Published: Houston Chronicle / June 10, 2011

Police act caught on video: Linked to past  
Published: Houston Chronicle / February 10, 2011

The death penalty-debate: Looking Forward  
Published: Houston Chronicle / January 9, 2011

Robb Fickman’s Judicial Christmas Wish List  
Published: The Defender / Winter 2010

Attacks on Fine are unfair  
Published: Houston Chronicle / December 25, 2010

Judges Must Act to End Jail Overflow  
Published: Houston Chronicle Outlook / August 9, 2009

Pretrial Release Bonds: One Way to Put the Harris County Plea Mill Out of Business  
Published: The Defender / Spring 2009

Robb Fickman’s Judicial Christmas Wish List
Sent to all Harris County Judges on November 29, 2008

Thoughtless Justice  
Published: Houston Chronicle / September 19, 2008

Using an Expert in an Accident Case
Published: The Defender / Fall 2007

Vital public access channel  
Published: Houston Chronicle / April 30, 2007

In Defense of Atticus Finch  
Published: Houston Chronicle / April 10, 2007

Message from the President regarding Dedication of the United States Constitution  
Published: The Defender / Spring 2007

Message from the President regarding Jail Overcrowding  
Published: The Defender / Winter 2006

Message from President regarding the War on the Constitution  
Published: The Defender / Fall 2006

Message from the President regarding Problems with Criminal Justice System in Harris County
Published: The Defender / Summer 2006

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