As part of the United States government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Small Business Administration (SBA) implemented an Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program, wherein small business owners who met specific eligibility requirements could apply for low-interest, fixed-rate long-term loans directly from the SBA. The purpose of the loans was to help small businesses and other entities overcome the effects of the pandemic by providing borrowers with working capital to meet ordinary and necessary operating expenses. The SBA awarded EIDL funds based on the gross profit listed for the business in the loan application.

The Small Business Administration knows that the EIDL LOAN PROGRAM risked some individuals submitting fraudulent EIDL Loan applications to defraud the Government. For instance, if an applicant purposely inflated his business’ gross profit to obtain an EIDL Loan, he may be prosecuted for SBA or EIDL LOAN fraud.

The Government is actively investigating and filing charges against individuals who allegedly submitted fraudulent EIDL loan applications. As the money allocated was for pandemic relief, the Government is zealously investigating and pursuing fraud charges.

There are potential defenses to such charges. The EIDL loan application process is complicated, and an honest individual may make mistakes with no criminal intent in completing the paperwork. Additionally, if someone else submits an EIDL loan application, and an honest individual is unaware of the fraudulent nature of the application, that individual would have a potential defense.

Every case is different, and defenses are based on the facts in each scenario. If you are under investigation for SBA or EIDL loan fraud, you should take the matter seriously and have an experienced Federal criminal defense lawyer represent you. I have experience defending against this kind of investigation.


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