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Reform of Harris County Court Appointment System long overdue

Friends – There are many outstanding court appointed lawyers. We all know who they are. They take the toughest cases and they are an inspiration to all of us.

Then There are those Court appointed “lawyers” who are appointed because they move the courts docket at lightning speed. These are the same “lawyers” who routinely “handle” over 300 felony appointments a year. These people do not function as lawyers. No, they simply grease the wheels of injustice and plead poor people guilty.

So long as judges who care more about expediency than justice, control appointments – the poor will suffer. The power of appointment needs to be taken away from the judges. Lawyers should be appointed based on competence not on their ability to set new indoor speed records for pleading the most poor people guilty in the shortest amount of time.

Reform is long overdue.


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