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The Meaning of America is Heart not Hate

Friends –

Sometimes I wonder what happened to America.  I was raised, no doubt naively, to believe that America was a country with a kind and warm heart. At our best, I still believe America can be a kind place, a warm place, a bastion of  liberty.

The Statue of Liberty is still an enduring symbol of who we are supposed to be. We are the country that beckons the tired and homeless. The aberration that we are now enduring is America at its worst; At its worst, America is not America.

Our beloved country has become “Trumpland” , a nation defined by the worst humanity has to offer. Daily, with Trump bellowing, America is getting meaner.

Let us be strong. Let us work together against the Meaning of America so that the meaning of America is not forever redefined by the Trumpian worst of  human Instincts. Let us be courageous enough to re-assert Kindness as America’s defining quality. Let America mean what it was meant to mean and that is heart and not hate.

Robb Fickman , Houston



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