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For Now, Harris County Wins its Fight to Continue Its Disgraceful, Shameful Abuse of the Poor


Federal District Judge Lee Rosenthal ordered that the County immediately start granting PR bonds. The County Criminal Court Judges, ignoring the public good, appealed Judge Rosenthal’s order. Predictably, the Fifth Circuit has stayed Judge Rosenthal’s order. 

So for now , Harris County Criminal Courts can continue their longstanding systematic denial of Pr bonds. 15/16 of our County Criminal Court Judges are complicit in the continued systematic denial of PR bonds. The perpetuation of the vile Plea Mill will apparently go on unabated. What a complete and utter disgrace.  

In truth, our County Criminal Court Judges should be ashamed. Are they? 
Has ANYONE heard anything remotely sounding like Shame or regret? I have never heard one judge emit one sound of regret for their perpetuation of this abusive system.
To express remorse would be to admit they were wrong all these years. That is something they will never do. 
The judges balk at paying for indigent defense experts, but they have no shame in demanding taxpayers spend $3million on outside counsel defending their system. 
The judges  would rather spend top dollar fighting a losing battle, then do the right thing. 

Their lawyer talked about the importance of protecting the ” status quo”. Really??
The status quo involves the systematic denial of Pr bonds and the continuation of the Plea Mill and the abuse of the poor. Basic Human decency calls for the immediate abolition of the status quo; not its defense. 
But human decency is apparently not a motivating factor here. Saving face and maintaining an abusive system apparently trumps all. 

Robb Fickman


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