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Trump cannot stop what’s coming 


Trump fired Comey, head of the FBI, offering  absurdly false reasons.Trump now intends to put a Trump loyalist puppet  in as the head of the FBI. This transparent attempt to derail the Trump/Russia Collusion/Treason Investigation won’t work.

In firing Comey, Trump showed his basic lack of understanding of how federal criminal investigations work. Firing Comey will not slow down or stop the investigation into Trump’s Collusion with our enemy.

FBI Special Agents conduct  Criminal investigations. They work with Federal prosecutors, Assistant United States Attorneys. These agents  and federal prosecutors are often career public servants. These are not timid souls. 

These agents and prosecutors quite often investigate and prosecute some of the most dangerous people in the world-like MS13 gang members. These same agents and prosecutors quite often investigate and prosecute large scale fraudsters- like Bernie Madoff.  

Hard-nosed FBI agents and career federal prosecutors will not be bullied off of their investigation of Trump, by Trump’s firing of their boss. Trump’s  Ham-handed Attempts to intimidate or bully FBI agents and career federal prosecutors will backfire. If anything, agents and career federal prosecutors  will double their efforts to investigate Trump. Now they have skin in the game. When he fired their boss, he made it personal. 

In firing Comey for bogus reasons, Trump guaranteed every field agent in the country will dig in and not quit until they get the truth on Trump and his corrupt cronies. 

So I’m glad Trump fired Comey. It’s a form of justice. Comey helped Trump get elected. Now Trump’s firing of Comey  will help Trump get impeached.

 It cannot happen soon enough. 

Robb Fickman, Houston

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