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We Must Vote and Defeat Trump

August 1, 2020

Hitler did not become the Fuhrer overnight. He was insane but he was also smart enough to know how to take advantage of people who were easily manipulated; People who wanted to be manipulated.

Trump is not Hitler in 1939. Trump is Trump in 2020. Trump in 2020 is a dangerous monster and a wannabe fascist dictator. Millions of “ Fox News” brainwashed Americans support his horror and he is surrounded by sycophantic enablers. The once patriotic Republican Party has become the decidedly un-American fascist party of Trump. This is what happens when endless right wing rhetoric is given life.

We have to stop him and those who support him. Our Republic is threatened from within and from within, we must save our Republic.

Hitler won at the polls. Trump cannot be allowed a second victory at the polls. Trump must be smashed at the polls and America’s flirtation with fascism must end. We must all get out the vote.

Robb Fickman, Houston

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