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FOR DAYS Trump called on his
Violent supporters to descend on DC. He timed his rally and his incendiary speech to coincide with the Congressional vote on the electoral certifications.

Trump wanted to stop the vote. He wanted Pence to do it and he had a back up plan: A COUP.

Trump incited the mob to storm the Capital at the exact time the certification of electoral votes was to occur. He incited his angry mob to storm the Capital and do what needed to be done.
This was a planned violent assault on Congress with intent to take hostages and possibly murder elected officials

This was Trump’s coup.

I believe an investigation will prove this was a planned coup
Attempt and some in law enforcement authority, in the Capital and beyond, aided and abetted. The violent mob got in too easy for it to have been anything else.

The Coup failed. But what if it hadn’t? What if these violent fanatics had succeeded in taking Pelosi or others hostage? Trump might have believed If key members of Congress were removed from the picture, he could hold on to office. Was Trump banking on his supporters Taking care of his adversaries? Was Trump mimicking his hero Putin? For What other purpose would Trump have incited the angry mob  to storm the Capital At that time? No other purpose.

We need to get to the truth. It is going to be very ugly. This was not just a riled up mob. This mob was manipulated to attack Trumps adversaries, our Congress, to pave the way for Trump to remain in power.

Robb Fickman, Houston

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