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Trumpism Must Be Defeated Before it is Too Late


Friends –

This is not the End of the Fight. This is only the Beginning and Those who fail to see this will condemn this country to repeat history.

Hitler’s defeat in 1923 was not the end; it was the beginning that ultimately lead to fascist rule by the Nazis. Trump’s defeat in 2020, is not the end. If we do not act to stop Trump, his defeat will only be the beginning that ultimately will lead to fascist rule by Trump.

The worst we can do is to think Trump is behind us because he is out of office. He may be out of sight. But make no mistake, Trump and his followers are more dangerous now than ever. Trump, his henchmen and those who attacked our nation’s Capitol must be prosecuted for any and all crimes they have committed.

We must act decisively to defeat Trumpism now, while we still can.

Robb Fickman, Houston

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