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Trump supporter Bigots are part of Who we are



And what of the millions of Trump Supporters?

They will not go away. Fighting them and what they represent is a lifelong project. I submit in one incarnation or another they have always been part of the dark underbelly of this country.

In the civil war they fought for slavery. In the 20s they marched down Penn Avenue in full KKK regalia. In the 30s they formed the American Nazi party and met at Madison Square Garden. In the 50s they supported McCarthyism. In the 60s they were the John Birchers. In the 90s they were the Militia movement that lead to the Oklahoma City Bombing. In the 2000s they were the racist Tea Party. Now, the descendants of those who fought for slavery, of those who supported the Nazi party form Trump’s aptly named “base”.
They are a hodgepodge of white supremacist, Turner Diary-inspired, hate- mongering bigots, who have no fidelity to the United States Constitution and every loyalty to the Un-American notion  that “might makes right“. They love authoritarian trash like Trump and prefer to menace the general public with Angry shouts, truck parades, long guns,  tiki lamp marches and Nuremberg style rallies.

They are not the past. They are the past and the future and we must never forget that they are among us.

Robb  Fickman, Houston

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