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Dear Friends

Our DA says defense attorneys are “enjoying the delay” caused by the pandemic. That’s right we are!!! We are all enjoying the hell out of the PANDEMIC!!!  It’s like Going to PANDEMIC DISNEYLAND where they have all new rides.

ENDLESS JAIL RIDE- This is a great Great new ride where our clients get to stay in jail seemingly forever with the bonus risk of catching Covid and Dying. We really enjoy this Ride!

DEATH COURT RIDE -it’s a cool new ride where judges make our clients go to court for no reason and WE get to  go with them. We have a chance to catch the Covid and die while the DAS safely appear from home by zoom!
I love this ride!!!! I really enjoy riding the elevator and standing in the halls with people who may have Covid!!! It’s fun like going to Vegas. It’s like an all or nothing bet. If  we win, We get to go home and live. If we lose we get to not live anymore- but it’s worth it because our death Would have helped move the docket! And isn’t that what life is all about?
I mean seriously who among us would not give his life to help move a misdemeanor court docket? I can only hope that I die for such a noble cause.

GOING BROKE RIDE – It’s lots of fun to go broke cuz none of the clients who need oue help have any money Because they are unemployed. So we take their cases and they pay us with acorns and rocks!!!’ Going broke because Of Covid is fun and it makes for even more fun when the DA with a steady paycheck
Makes fun of us and blames us for everything!!!

WATCHING PEOPLE DIE RIDE- This is like the traditional “Its a small world ride” but with a twist. This is the “ Its a small world and only getting smaller ride!” Fun. Each time it goes around there are fewer people. Now there are 300,000 dead  Americans. We really enjoy watching that number go up!

The DA’s suggestion that the defense bar is In any way “enjoying” anything associated with the pandemic is beyond offensive. It’s an odious, obscene and ignorant statement beyond comprehension.

Shame on our DA.

Robb Fickman, Houston

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