Is Texas Governor Abbott a Mean Fuck?


Abbott mean? When he was 29 an oak tree fell on him. He sued the owner of the tree and others and settled for $10,000,000. When he ran for governor, he attacked his opponent as a PI lawyer. His own fucking PI lawyer called Abbott a hypocrite. It was ok for him to get paid for his injury, but he doesn’t want anyone else  to get paid for theirs. He’s not a mean fuck, he’s THE mean fuck. Don’t be fooled by the wheelchair, he has  even opposed enforcement of the Americans  for Disabilities Act. He’s fighting hard against Texans and so far the piece of shit is winning.
Robb FIckman, Houston

3 thoughts on “Is Texas Governor Abbott a Mean Fuck?”

  1. His wheelchair should be taken away from him for putting Texans through the hoops & hurdles he has created for his people to simply vote !!!!
    Abbott is a disgrace of a human being

  2. Yup and he couldnt even keep his big trap shut right after Bidens speech. They are coming for our guns! Nope, we are coming for you to leave office Greg.
    I have “many” guns. But there really isnt anything wrong with background checks. Nothing.
    He is trying to get the good old boy network behind him by making them worry just like Dumpster Fire Donnny does. The days of guns shows should be over. And the old bastards who take their cheaply purchased guns to a table in a convention center are all GOP. Too fing bad.
    Ive known many BTW. Its a hobby that makes them money. They can easily live without gun sales.
    Abbott is a POS in so many ways. I think the GOP has entered the sewer.


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