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Guest Blog from Legendary Bill Habern

This is a post-election Guest Blog from my friend Bill Habern. Bill Habern is a distinguished and legendary criminal defense lawyer. He is regarded as the best parole lawyer in the state.
Robb Fickman

Subject: Fwd: Newly recieved notice
I just got this e-mail this morning.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Habern:

This is to notify you that our organization, The Republican Security Committee to Purge the Nation of all Socialists and Liberals, has determined that all you and others who we know voted Democratic yesterday, are to report to the Union Railroad Station in Houston at 12:00 Noon today, November 5, 2014 with one change of clothes, where you will be transported to the re-modeled concentration camp in Delhart, Texas. As a socialist lawyer, your family will be the first to be transferred under this new program.

Please do not bring cell phones, computers, and other means of communication as such instruments are prohibited. If you bring such items we will cut your hands off, and then you may be sent to the Odessa-Midland area instead of Delhart.

In your case, since both of your kids voted Republican, you do not have to bring them.

John Burch, Jr.

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