Election Results: Heinz takes it with 55%


Thank goodness The voters study each candidate and make an informed decision about each candidate.


That’s not what happened.

Instead, 55% pulled the giant lever and it was all over. One giant dump.
And I do mean dump.

And the best part? The people and/or things,(see: Joan Huffman),elected actually believe that they were “chosen” because of their unique talents, skills and ability.

” They love me. They love me”

No you dumb bastard. They don’t love you. They don’t even have a clue who you are. Your a brand and they think they like your brand. Your brand “R”. Your no different than a bottle of ketchup. Except the bottle of ketchup is likely smarter, has more personality and is less dangerous to the the public.


Good luck. We will need it

Robb Fickman

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