Friends- In my opinion the Michael Morton Act is the single most defense-oriented legislation in the last 30 years. If you are familiar with the history of the legislation than you know Brandon Dudley. You know as the legislative aid to Senator Rodney Ellis, Brandon Dudley spearheaded the MMA. You also know we would likely not have a MMA had Brandon not played such a key role. Finally, you know what an extraordinary debt of gratitude we each owe Brandon. 
Brandon is now running for Harris County Tax Accessor. I asked him why anyone would give two shits about who holds this office. The most significant reason is that the person who holds this position controls voter registration in Harris County. 
Certain reactionary groups actively seek to suppress the minority vote in Harris County. We need a progressive in this office to protect voting rights. Brandon is the man for the job. Soon, Houston’s growing minority population will impact not only Harris County elections,but all elections in Texas. The future of Texas elections is directly linked to this position.  
I detest most politicians and rarely endorse one. I have a rebuttable presumption against anyone seeking office. Brandon has beat my rebuttable presumption. 
Brandon has proven he is a man of integrity who cares about the quality of life for the poorest and least powerful among us. 
For this reason, I urge you in the strongest possible terms to support our friend Brandon Dudley. 

Respectfully , Robb Fickman 


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