Um… Does The DAO Ever Admit When They Are Wrong?

Friends”We respectfully disagree with the judge’s findings,” said Jeff McShan. “We believe our prosecutors acted ethically and argued within the four corners of the record and we intend to appeal.”
l read Judge Bond’s well-reasoned findings. Then I read the State’s above statement. Then I wanted to puke. 
Calling something ethical does not make it ethical. Defending clearly unethical conduct and calling it ethical is a pattern in this DAO.
 When the DAO labels patently unethical conduct as ethical they encourage such behavior. 
The DAO is supposed to do justice. That’s their ethical duty. To do justice, the DAO should be intellectually honest and sanction rather than defend unethical conduct. 
When defending one of their own becomes more important than doing justice, the DAO abandons their duty. That ain’t right. 
Robb Fickman, Houston.>

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