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Trump’s Deep Seated Klan Sympathies Reveal themselves

Friends – 

In 1927, Trump’s father was arrested in New York City at a Klan Rally. Trump’s father was there in support of the Klan. Years later, Trump and his father’s company was sued for housing discrimination. They would not rent to black people. Do you think Trump was raised in a racist household? It certainly looks that way. If so, do you think he ever rose above it? Or do you think maybe Trump harbors deep-seated racism? Trump spent years attacking the legitimacy of our first black president. After taking office, Trump falsely claimed that President Obama wiretapped him. Now when racists and Nazis march, Trump reveals his racist nature. Yesterday, He reads a  script prepared by his handlers. With zero sincerity, Trump Read the script and condemned  the Klan and the Nazis. What happened next?  The carefully prepared script was more than Trump could bear.  Why? Because Trump’s lifelong sympathies lie with the Klan and the Nazis. So today, less than 24 hours after reading his script,  Trump told us what he really believed.  Trump revealed his true identity as a base racist. Today, Trump defended the Klan and Nazis by minimized their role and by falsely attempting to shift blame for their brutality to others.

Donald Trump, we thought you were just a clown. We were wrong. You are a monster.

Robb Fickman, Houston 

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