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The Truth Will Set America Free!


Trump- You continue to have people like Nunes throw mud. The latest mud comes in the form of the much ballyhooed misleading Nunes Memo. Just keep it up. Your desperate attempts to distract continue to serve to highlight your extraordinary fear of the truth.

Trump, Why are you so afraid of the truth? I suspect because you know it. You know how damning the truth will be once revealed. But, You cannot stop what is coming. You cannot stop the truth from coming out. None of your attempts to stop the truth from coming out will work.

Trump, The truth is much stronger than you and all of your lies and of all of your lying henchmen.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, solemnly swore to support the Constitution. Unlike you, Mr. Mueller’s oath means something to him. Mueller will establish the truth. The truth will likely show your criminal acts, your collusion with Russia and your numerous ham-handed attempts to obstruct justice.

Trump, no one in this country is above the law. You and your henchmen will be held accountable under the law. The truth ultimately will come out and it will set America free-from you.

Robb Fickman


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