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The Rise and Hopefully the Fall of Donald Trump

November 6, 2020


I have just finished reading The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. As I read this book, on numerous occasions I saw parallels between the early days of the Nazi Party and Trump.

Trump’s Nuremberg style rallies, his manipulation of his willfully blind followers, his False claim that he alone could restore America, his incessant use of lies, his complete lack of any discernible moral code, his hate mongering, his simplistic messaging, his condemnation of the press,  his false claims of patriotism, and his reliance on the threat of violence, if not its actual use- were all straight out of the book.

Many of us recognized the parallels. Perhaps in this recognition we realized the necessity that this demagogue be stopped before he cost more lives. Trump is not Hitler, but he is Trump and that is evil enough. I hope to God that we have stopped him. Clearly as Americans, who have long fought fascism, that is our duty.

Robb Fickman, Houston

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