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The Press should report on the Tens of Thousands who were saddled with convictions they did not deserve.

September 8, 2021


Some in local media are attacking judges when they grant a Pr bond to an accused and that accused picks up a new case. It’s noteworthy,   that these same media sources are not attacking judges when surety bonds are made and the accused picks up a new case.

Did these reporters know that for decades Republican judges systematically denied Pr bonds for Houstonians charged with misdemeanors and felonies? That forced poor people, particularly on misdemeanors, to plead guilty to get out of jail. That forced poor people to plead guilty, without regard to whether they actually were guilty, to get their liberty. A system that corners the poor into pleading guilty to get their liberty is not a just system. It’s an unjust system. It’s this former system that Lead directly to the federal lawsuit.

For the last two decades did these reporters
ever report on the systematic denial of Pr bonds on non-violent, presumptively innocent Texans charged with misdemeanors?
Why not? It’s the truth.

Tens of thousands of mostly poor Houstonians remain saddled for life with convictions they do not Deserve. These poor people pay for these unjust convictions ever day of their life.

Rather than attacking good judges, why don’t these reporters report on the thousands of poor people who suffer daily because they were handled in an unjust way by our former judiciary.

If any reporter is interested, I would be happy to help explain how our odious system worked. I am easy to find .

Robert Fickman

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