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The Meaning of America Must Stop


Small men do small things and think they are great. Great men do great things and think they are small. Our state, like our nation, is currently under the control of the smallest of men. 
The Texas Senate wastes its time protecting us from the transgender community. The transgender community poses no threat and we need no protection from them. They are a simple and easy target because they are different. Because they are different, small men rally the bigots amongst us to fear and hate them. 

The Congress spends its time trying to take away our health care. If Congress gets its way, many sick and vulnerable Americans will be left without medical care. If Congress gets its way, many sick Americans-including children, will needlessly die. 

The occupant of the White House, surrounded by utter vermin, spends his time trying to further enrich himself and the rich. He replaces good with bad at every opportunity. He is obsessed with uprooting hard working undocumented Hispanic families. He would seperate parent from child and banish 11 million of our co-workers and neighbors from our country. They are a minority and thus he has rallied the bigots to support his vile objective. 

We are a great state and a great nation. Our history shows that. But for a number of years we have allowed a mean-spirited group to gain power. They are now in control of the state house, the Congress and the White House. 
Their ethos is mean. They do not care if they hurt people. They do not care how many they hurt. Their narrow agenda is all that counts. They have proven they have no moral compass and they will continue to engage in mean acts so long as it furthers their purpose.

My blog is called ” The Meaning of America” for two reasons. First, here I define America as I see it. Second, for a long time I have seen America as a place that is getting meaner and meaner. The America I know and love is not a mean place. It’s a place where the goal is to help everyone in their pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. In my America, minorities are cared for, not attacked.

We need to clean out the State house, the Congress and the White House. We need leaders with vision, who will redirect us toward a righteous path. It’s time to remove the meanness that has for too long stained our state and nation. It is time to remove this meanness that threatens our identity. 
As a first step, we must acknowledge to ourselves that we have lost our way. Meanness is not our path. We must get back on track and take our state and country back from the small men and women who now control it. Let great men and women step forward to help us regain our moral footing and let it it happen soon.
We will only be great again, when we replace the current propensity toward meanness with an unwavering dedication toward love and kindness. Let us have leaders who are good-hearted souls, leaders who will replace hate with love, leaders who will replace meanness with the kindness that has always defined Americans as Americans.
Robb Fickman, Houston

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