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The Fascists are Here and we must throw them out!

Friends- People said it could not happen here. They are wrong. Our country teeters on the brink of fascism.  If we are to remain free we must fight. We must speak out, demonstrate, protest and engage in non-violent civil disobedience. That is our right and our duty. We must stop Trump and his fascist supporters to preserve our Republic. The immoral GOP stands and watches or applauds while the feckless Dems pout. Every Republican who supports Trump, must be thrown out of office. Every Republican or Democrat who fails to stand up to Trump, must be thrown out of office. No exceptions.

We need powerful moral voices to be heard above Trump’s chaos. CNN must give these voices as much time as Trump was given. CNN must stop acting as Trump’s propaganda machine.

We must support the independent counsel. If Trump removes Mueller, every American who loves liberty must take to the streets in non-violent protest until the independent counsel is reinstated. Damn Donald Trump, damn his supporters and damn all who sit on the fence. This  is no  time for fence sitting. Trump must be removed from office.  Those of us who support the Constitution will NEVER surrender our country or our liberty to these fascist pigs. NEVER. 

Robb Fickman, Houston

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