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Symbols of the Confederacy belong in a museum, not in our public squares


There are those that argue that Confederate symbols should be allowed and respected. They make compelling arguments. No doubt the Civil War was an American experience and the Confederacy was part of that experience. We should not whitewash our history to be PC. 

 Confederate symbols and history have their place in our museums, and in our college history classes. Confederate symbols have no place in our public squares. There is a difference between remembering our history in museums and venerating our history in public squares. I fully support remembering and studying the Civil War. But I oppose  perpetually publicly honoring the symbols of the Confederacy. 

Others may fly the Rebel Flag with pride. That’s their  right. But, I will never fly that flag, nor will I honor any other symbol of the Confederacy. Publicly honoring the symbols of the Confederacy is to ignore the long history of pain associated with those symbols. I elect not to ignore that history. 

Robb Fickman, Houston.

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