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The Fascist In the White House



For some time people have begun to seriously question whether President Trump’s Administration has characteristics that resemble those of a fascist government. In 1995, Italian Writer Umberto Eco, penned a know well-regarded essay on fascism. Eco identified 14 basic characteristics of fascism.


The Greatest Generation fought and defeated the fascists. We owe it to these brave Americans to make certain that Fascism never finds comfort on our shores.

Unfortunately, within Trump’s Administration we find many of the 14 characteristics Eco identified with fascism.

1. Trump’s mantra is that he will Make America Great Again. He claims that he alone will restore our true heritage. Such claims are common in fascist systems.

2. Trump rejects science and global warming. Fascism commonly rejects modernism.

3. Trump daily attacks the free press and any who question him. The free press is critical to our Democracy. Condemnation of critical thinking is a common characteristic of fascism.

4. Trump began his campaign by attacking illegal aliens. He claimed he would build a wall. He persists in attacking Moslems. Condemnation of “outside groups” is a critical component of fascism.

5. Trump blames the problems of the middle class on “outsiders”; this is also common in fascist systems.

6. Trump claims that there is a “Deep State” plot against him. He claims the Russia investigation is baseless and Mueller cannot be trusted. False claims of a baseless plot against the leader are common in fascism.

7. Trump’s Presidency has been marred by chaos. From day to day we don’t know what he will do or say. Maintaining a constant state of agitation is a characteristic of a fascist system.

8. Trump doesn’t seek to protect the weak; he Attacks the weakest among us. Attacking the weak is common in fascism.

9. Trump heaps praise on his supporters. He asserts that his base are better Americans by virtue of the fact they blindly follow him. In fascism, the leaders followers are commonly held up as superior patriots.

10. Trump has shown a disrespect for women from the beginning. The Woman’s March was in direct response to Trump’s endless barrage of attacks on women. Most recently he supported Roy Moore after Moore was accused of sexual assaults. Disdain for women and gay people Is common in fascism.

11. Unlike any President in history, Trump communicates about the most critical matters by tweet. His message is dumbed down into slogans and name calling. During the election it was “Lock her Up”. He had a schoolyard nickname for ever opponent. Now he uses the term “Rocket Man” to taunt our nuclear adversary.

Fascism is characterized by slogans and An impoverished vocabulary.

12. Trump is demonstrably a pathological liar . His subordinates repeat and bolster his most outlandish lies. Repetition of outrageous lies is a fundamental and necessary trait of any fascist system.

13. Trump attacks his adversaries, like the press as simultaneously having too much power and having no power. His contempt for the press involves attacking the press as being too strong and too weak. Fascism is characterized by constant attacks on an enemy. The enemy is described as both strong and weak depending on the rhetorical needs of the moment.

14. Trump stirs up hate-mongers in his base through tweets and at rallies. He then points to the riled mob as reflective of middle America. Selective Populism , Claiming that a select group’s manufactured response, represents the will of the people is false and common in fascism.

The Republican label has been coopted by Trump’s neo Fascism. This is why many Self – identified, long time Republicans, do not recognize their party. All Americans must guard against the rising tide of fascism in this country.

We must never be afraid to speak out against the fascism that now threatens us.


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