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Trump has no understanding of diplomacy or nuclear proliferation. Without a thought he threatens North Korea with “Fire and Fury” like the world has never seen. This man , who cannot be bothered or trusted with security briefings, now threatens nuclear war. Trump does not understand that the use of nuclear weapons is not something one threatens. No President in history has so recklessly tossed around the nuclear option. And what happened? What happens when one threatens a nut? The nut responds with his own threat. So now, North Korea’s dictator threatens Guam.
During the Cuban Missile Crisis, President John F Kennedy with the help of some brilliant minds, deftly stood down the Soviets in an historically unprecedented round of nuclear brinksmanship. We got lucky. Donald Trump is no President John F Kennedy. With Trump at the helm, we dare not bet on getting lucky a second time.
The Republican Party “leadership” needs to shut Trump down. Trump cannot be allowed to bring us to the brink of nuclear war. The 25th Amendment to The United States Constitution provides that If a President is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office”, then he must immediately be removed from office. Trump has repeatedly proven his inability to rationally discharge the powers and duties of the office of the Presidency. Therefore, pursuant to the 25th Amendment, he must be removed from office.

This is no time for cowardice. Brave and patriotic Republicans must take this lawful Action for our national security. Trump cannot be allowed to play Russian Roulette with the fate of mankind. This is no real estate deal; this is the real deal. Trump’s reckless and irresponsible pronouncements daily endanger our national security. We cannot wait any longer. Our Forefathers provided us a safe way out. We must only find the courage to use it. Trump must be lawfully removed from office Pursuant to the 25th Amendment.

Robb Fickman, Houston

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