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Meet Don Trump’s Consigliere- Bill “ Double Talk” Barr


Imagine  a New York crime family that engages in fraud and cons of all sorts. The head of the family, an immoral egomaniac, decides he wants to be President of the United States. This crook has zero qualifications. But somehow, through brash talk and a multitude of lies he gets elected. Once he takes office he appoints people to serve not the country, but his own self interests. So when it comes time to appoint an Attorney General he isn’t thinking about the country. He is thinking to put a lawyer in that spot to do his biding. So he appoints a guy who agrees   to use the office to protect the crooked President and his crooked friends. This same guy agrees to use the office  to launch  unfounded investigations designed to discredit anyone who the crooked President doesn’t like.

As it happens, this is the world as it is. 1100 former DOJ employees protested the abuse of the Attorney General’s office by Bill Barr. The protests have fallen on deaf ears. Why? Because in this world, Bill Barr is consigliere to Donald Trump. Barr serves only one boss and that’s Trump, the crook who appointed him. Constitution be Damned.

Robb Fickman

Houston, Texas



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