Let Us Be Grateful for Judges who Protect Us

Probable cause is a minimal standard that protects all of us. Law enforcement should only arrest when they have probable cause to believe a crime has been committed. Likewise, Prosecutors should only pursue criminal charges when there is probable cause.
We have new judges that are finding a lack of probable cause more often than their predecessors. Why?
For years in this county our enabling judiciary was a rubber stamp for the prosecution. Too often our  judiciary failed to scrutinize prosecutions. Law  enforcement arrested and prosecutors prosecuted where there was less than probable cause.
Those that had real lawyers often saw these weak cases dismissed. Those that were too poor to fight were not so fortunate.
If there is no probable cause then people should not be arrested and prosecuted. In finding no probable cause where there is no probable cause, the new judiciary is doing their  job. When the judiciary protects us by doing their job we should be grateful.
Robb Fickman

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