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Judges are Required to treat Lawyers and Defendants with Courtesy


The Harris County Criminal  Lawyers Association (HCCLA) honored me with a “Torch of Liberty Award”  last night. Most of my  obscenity-laced acceptance speech is posted on Facebook.

My point was simple: HCCLA has evolved into an activist Association. I am proud to have been part of that change. 

We just want judges to do what they swore to do. We want them to be fair and follow their own Judicial Canons. 

We want them to follow Judicial Canon 3(B)4 which states, 

“A judge SHALL BE PATIENT , dignified and COURTEOUS to LITIGANTS , jurors, witnesses, LAWYERS  and others with whom the judge deals in an official capacity, and should require similar conduct of lawyers, and of staff, court officials and others subject to the judge’s direction and control.” ( emphasis added) 

We just want to practice law and Be treated with basic courtesy.

In the past, when a  judge  has repeatedly violated their own Judicial Canons,  we have filed judicial misconduct complaints with the Commission on Judicial Conduct.  These complaints have been granted and judges have been sanctioned.

Where we find injustice, we will continue to fight it. I am a proud member of HCCLA. 


Robert Fickman


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