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If You Support Trump, THIS Is What You Are Supporting

Trump’s America:

– 200,000 dead Americans
-The nation divided
-Civil Discourse gone
-Right wing Armed Goon Squads
-Attacks on the Free Press
-Obliteration of the Truth
-Endless, shameless Lying
– Endless hate-mongering
-Denial of Science
-Attacks on Diversity
-Abandoning Principle
-Abandoning our Allies
-Embracing Autocrats
-Encouraging Police Abuse
-Attacking Free Speech
– Attacking Peaceful Protest
– Impeding Fair Elections
– Threatening to Impose a Dictatorship.

Are we Great Again?!?
I am not Feeling it!!
We Must End this 4 year DISGRACE!

Robb Fickman, Houston

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