He’s Back

Friends- the complexities of the internet have conspired against me for a year making it very difficult for me to blog. As of today, a crack team of Hackers and other secretive types have figured again how to let me attack the blogosphere- I think. This is the test. “Once more into the breach” and if all be good, I will be back with two years of pent up Rage!

I enjoy the timing. It was 244 years to the day when one Patrick Henry rose in St Johns Church, Richmond, Virginia to declare “Give me Liberty, or Give me Death.” I have a slight variation in my own declaration. I say, “Give me Liberty or Give me Liberty”. There is no other option and on these pages I will endeavor to dismantle any who trample on our liberty or contribute to the “meaning” of America. Let all those who have made this a mean country be forewarned- You will not be spared here. No quarter will be given.

Robb Fickman

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