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Hell is too nice a destination for some


Recently  there was a puff piece about John Bradley’s happy landing  on some  Island. The island is on Earth; So in my opinion, it’s not far enough away.

John Bradley is the former DA of Williamson County. He gained notoriety not for doing the right thing , but rather for doing the  wrong thing -for years. Completely innocent people suffered because of Bradley. 
 If John Bradley had gotten his way Michael Morton, an innocent man and an exoneree, would be behind bars tonight.  If John Bradley had gotten his way Michael Morton would have died in prison for a crime he did not commit. 
I don’t give two shits about John Bradley’s happy ending. He used his power to thwart justice and extend Michael Morton’s unlawful incarceration by years.

John Bradley, like Ken Anderson, represents the worst elements in the criminal justice system.  

Houston lawyer, John Raley, represented Michael Morton. John, represents the best in the legal system. John is an honorable man who fought Bradley for years to liberate Michael Morton. 

If not for John  Raley,  Bradley & Anderson would still be in power, abusing people today. 

If we are to defeat evil men, like Bradley, then good men must stand up.  John Raley stood up. Let us all strive to follow John Raley’s example.
God Bless John Raley and Michael Morton.

And God damn John Bradley & all prosecutors who abuse their power and thwart justice. 

Robb Fickman, Houston

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