Harris County: Where the Accused  are Treated like Cattle


Historically the American Bar Association has recommended a Maximum of 150 felony appointments per lawyer per year. That’s a lot of felonies for 1 lawyer.

 Harris County Judges continue to ignore the ABA standard.  In Harris County, there is apparently no standard. Moving the docket is still the number one priority in many courts. In order to move the docket, the courts need lawyers who are willing to move cases. Some move cases faster than others.

 So long as moving the docket is the  priority, Justice and those caught up in the system will suffer. Shame on Harris County.

Robb Fickman, Houston

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State-wide Attorney Caseload Report

Gerard W. Guerinot-553 felonies

John A. Clark -553 felonies

Hattie Sewell Shannon-499 felonies,1 capital 

Jeanie L. Dickey-441 felonies, 528 misdemeanors 

Ricardo N. Gonzalez-428 felonies

Kerry H. McCracken-424 felonies 

Eileen M. Guerinot-398 felonies

David Lawrence Garza- 367 felonies

Kenneth E. McCoy-361 felonies 

Robert R. Scott-353 felonies,5 capital murders

Jacqueline M. Gifford- 347 felonies 

2 thoughts on “Harris County: Where the Accused  are Treated like Cattle”

  1. Robb, I just ran across your post. This situation really stinks. I disposed of all of 75 cases last year and literally go weeks between appointments now. This is out of control cronyism and favoritism. The sad part is nobody cares to do anything about it. I have complained numerous times to the Texas Indigent Defense Commission but they seem to be content to let this go on and on.


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