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Close the Criminal Courthouse Now

Friends –

Some People thought I was wrong when I called for the Rodeo to be cancelled. The people who control the Rodeo ultimately agreed with me.

We are faced with a Pandemic. Nobody in this country, state or county has any clue how widespread the illness is or how bad it will become. Tonight,  the NBA cancelled its season.

Our country is behind the curve. Our county has not a clue how many people are currently infected. To get control we need mass testing and a quarantine of those who are ill. We have tested very few people to date.

The Courthouse business is often simply resetting cases. Daily, hundreds of People come to court simply to have their case reset. This is beyond stupid. It is a reckless endangerment of the lives of the accused, lawyers, deputies, prosecutors and everyone who works at the courthouse. At least for clients on bond, all cases should be given extended resets and the criminal courthouse should be immediately closed. To do otherwise is to unnecessarily risk thousands of lives and the unnecessary spreading of the virus. The county’s comical installation of a single hand sanitizer on the first floor is Beyond absurd.

For those in custody, the county should release on bond anyone that can possibly be released. Those who remain in custody should immediately have maximum safeguards for their health put in place. Thereafter, their  cases should be handled as fairly as possible, consistent with the mandates of the Constitution.

  1. Robb Fickman, Houston

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