The Meaning of America

The Democratic Party Must Unite Now

2-20-20 Friends – The Democratic Party lacks leadership and it needs to unite now. The debates do not serve to unite. I oppose further debates. The Party should sponsor forums

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By Definition Trump is a Fascist

2/8/20 By Definition Trump  Is a Fascist Per Italian writer Umberto Eco, fascism has 14 characteristics. Eco’s definition is not perfect but it is a useful measuring stick. Trumpism

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The Klan Endorses Trump

2/6/20 Friends -The Klan has officially endorsed Trump again. So far he has not rejected the endorsement. When the Murderous bigot Klan endorses a candidate that means that candidate meets

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Romney’s Courage

2-5-20 Friends – Today a group of cowardly Republican Senators voted to acquit Trump. They did this notwithstanding the overwhelming evidence of his guilt. Let history condemn all of them

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Coming Attractions

Friends – Sometimes what you write doesn’t make everyone happy. Sometimes you have to write it anyway. Telling the truth is more important than being popular. Being popular doesn’t mean

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