The Meaning of America

We Are Still the Land of Lincoln

11/7/20 Dear Friends, Today, Joe Biden won the election and Trump was defeated. Over Four years ago, while campaigning, Trump spoke at Gettysburg. He was on the same hallowed ground

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Jury Service Proposal

October 24, 2020 Friends – I hope everyone is still alive. Much to the chagrin of some, I remain un-dead. If we want juries of the accused person’s  peers, rather

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The Indictment of Donald Trump

September 12, 2020 Friends- This is The indictment that should be returned. Robb Fickman, Houston, Texas   United States District Court For the District of Columbia United States of America

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We Must Vote and Defeat Trump

August 1, 2020 Friends- Hitler did not become the Fuhrer overnight. He was insane but he was also smart enough to know how to take advantage of people who were

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