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You can thank the DAs Office for The Murderers Among Us

It’s been reported that From 2008 through 2014 , Harris County Grand juries no-billed 121 consecutive cases where cops were involved in shootings. ( see Houston Chronicle 12-24-14, ” Officer Cleared in Fatal Shooting”)

That our Grand Jury system is rigged in favor of cops who shoot us is undeniable.
That the cops on the street know they have a blank check to shoot anyone they damn well please, is self evident.

The country is waking up to the abuse of the Grand jury system. Ferguson and NYC Have brought to light the ugly truth.

This is NOT an issue that we can afford to ignore any longer. We daily edge closer to becoming a police state. When we allow cops to shoot without consequences, we encourage cops to shoot.

In Harris County, the DAs Office has for over a decade guaranteed bad cops Safe passage. And at whose expense?

Tonight, in Harris County, if you go out and a cop shoots you- He will be no billed. He knows it. Giving cops a license to kill is a extraordinary mistake. We have the DAs Office to blame for this dangerous scenario. Had the DAs office not protected every shooting cop, at the expense of the citizens, 121 cops in a row would never have been no billed.

So go home, Lock your doors, Climb under your bed, hold your teddy bear close and hope the cops don’t come in and shoot you. If the cops do come in and shoot you, In Harris County, the cops will be no billed. They will have acted in ” fear for their life from you and your teddy bear” and they will walk.

What is patently obvious is that it is statistically impossible for there to have been 121 good cop shootings in a row. Anyone claiming otherwise, is delusional. That grand juries said there were 121 good cop shootings, does not make it so. What is far more likely, is that some of those 121 shootings were not good cop shootings. What is far more likely, is that some of those 121 were not justified. And if they were not justified what does that mean?

It means that thanks to our DAs office, in all probability, in Harris County cops have gotten away with Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon or Murder.

There is no statute of limitations for murder. While they deny it, it is evident that for a decade the DAs office ignored its duty to the citizens in favor of its relationship with the cops. While the DAs office was busy protecting cops who were shooting us, who was protecting those of us that we’re getting shot? NOBODY!!!

The DAs office has proven that it cannot be trusted to prosecute cops that shoot. So what is the solution?

A special prosecutor should be appointed to review all 121 shootings.
Special attention should be paid to every case wherein the police shot and killed someone.

Either the Da steps forward and seeks a special prosecutor to review or a federal lawsuit must be filed. As those cases were obviously not previously properly reviewed, justice demands that they now be properly reviewed.
If there were wrongful shootings then there were victims of these wrongful shootings. The VICTIMS of these wrongful police shootings deserve to have all of these shootings properly reviewed.

In protecting the police, the DAs office has endangered all of us. We are not safe. It is more than likely that there are men with badges and guns who have murdered someone in our community. If they exist, they walk free. If they got away with murder once, there is nothing to stop them from doing it again.

121 good cop shootings in a row?

That’s not what happened. If we want the truth, we will have to demand it. Those who we entrusted to protect us from rogue cops failed us. They protected the rogue cops and left everyone of us in harms way.

Good Luck. ( and don’t make any furtive movements)

Note: the original number I had was 288 cop shootings in a row. Whether the number is 288 or 121, doesn’t really matter. Either way that’s too many cops shooting too many of us. Either way that’s too many cops getting away with bloody murder. The DAO may blame the
Grand Jury. I don’t accept that. The Grand Jury rubber stamps what the DAO wants. The DAO presented every cop shooting case that was no billed. The DAO adopts a pro Defense position when presenting cop cases. We all know it. Then they hid behind the grand jury secrecy and blame the grand jury. The Buck Stops At the DAO door.

Robb Fickman

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