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We Would Be Better off Being Dead Dogs!

In Harris County a man shot a dog.
The facts are not clear, but the headlines are. The newscaster just announced that the District Attorney will consider charges against the man who shot the dog. The District Attorney won’t hesitate to charge a citizen who shoots a dog.

Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs. If someone illegally shoots a dog they should be charged.

What’s beyond irksome, what’s beyond infuriating, is the District Attorney’s disparate treatment between a man who shoots a dog and a cop who shoots an unarmed man.

In Harris County, if you shoot a dog the DA will hold you accountable. But in this county, if you are a cop and you shoot an unarmed man, you get a pass. The last 121 cops who shot citizens were no-billed. No doubt the last 121 men who shot a dog were not no-billed.

What does it mean? I will translate it for you. Under Harris County’s “criminal” justice system, a dog’s life is worth far more than a man’s life, particularly when that man’s life is taken by a cop.

Shame on the District Attorney’s Office. Shame on Harris County!
Those who consider themselves pillars of the criminal justice system may all
Go To Hell!!!

Robb Fickman
Houston, Texas

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