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We Must Prosecute Criminal Prosecutors


Again we read about new allegations of serious misconduct by Harris County Das.
DAs across this state have lied and cheated for decades to obtain convictions.

Da Ken Anderson did it to
Michael Morton.

Da Sebesta, did it to Anthony Graves.

Da Kelly Seigler is accused of doing it to David Temple.

Da Dan Rizzo is accused of doing it.

Now Senior DAs Spence and Goodheart are accused of doing it. The accusations are startling in that a retired DEA Agent accuses Spence of
Outright intimidation and misconduct.

The Harris County DAs Response? They will wait and see what the court does before launching their own Investigation!
Translation, they will cover their eyes.
I will not cover mine and I suggest you not cover yours.

There is no punishment for DAs who lie and cheat to rob our fellow Texans of their liberty.

Michael Morton spent 25 years in prison. DA Anderson hid exculpatory evidence. Anderson lost his bar card and sipped coffee with the sheriff for a week. That’s not punishment.

Anthony Graves spent 18 year on Death Row.
The Fifth Circuit found DA Sebesta manufactured evidence to obtain the conviction. Sebesta has not been punished in any way.

The law affords no real punishment for Das who lie and cheat to rob our fellow Texans of their liberty. This is wrong. We must urge our state reps and senators to change the law. We need protection from criminal prosecutors.

Prosecutors who willfully violate the law to send anyone to prison, should be subject to serious felony criminal prosecution.

Doing the right thing, obviously is not inherent in all prosecutors. Those prosecutors who steal Liberty should face Prison and the loss of their own Liberty.

Nothing less will stop prosecutors who are criminals.

Robb Fickman

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