Trump Attacks America 

Trump bragged at his bizarre Cabinet meeting about his completely fictional accomplishments. Here is what Trump has actually done since becoming President:Trump has attacked the truth,  our Constitution, our basic values, our history, our sense of common decency, any chance of intelligent discourse, our unity, women’s rights, our free press, our allies, our commitments, our climate, our environment, our water and air, our least fortunate, our health care, our neighbors, minorities, immigrants, refugees, Moslems, his critics, protesters, science, the arts, free speech, our judiciary, President Obama,  Justice Ginsberg, Sen John McCain, Sen Lindsay Graham, Sen Elizabeth Warren, Sen Chuck Schumer, Sen Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, FBI Director Comey, the FBI, the Pope, NATO, London’s Mayor, Chancellor Merkel, Mexico, France, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Woman’s March, AND  our National tranquility.
Other than that he’s doing just fine. 

Robb Fickman, Houston 

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