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The Thugs in  Blue 


Like many of you I am watching the events that have unfolded in Baltimore and across the country. I heard the commentators on CNN refer to some of the young protesters as “Thugs”. 

Young people who are protesting, the murder of yet another young Black man by cops are not Thugs. They are Americans exercising their Constititional Right to Free Speech. They are  exercising their Constitutional right to Petition our oft-deaf and useless Government for Redress of Grievances. The protesters are not Thugs. 

That is not to say there are no Thugs involved. There are plenty of Thugs around. Mainstream media prefers not to properly identify the Thugs. Rather than identifying the true Thugs, Anderson Cooper,  et al, prefers to gush at the “well-disciplined” police response to the protesters. 

Let’s give the cops a big round of applause!!! … I think I will pass. 


Because The Thugs are the guys in blue who keep killing our  fellow unarmed Americans. The Thugs are the cops, who under color of law, day after day, across this country murder and maim our fellow Americans without repercussion. So forgive me for not applauding the cop’s “well disciplined”  response to the citizen’s protest of the same cop’s murderous conduct.

In Baltimore the Thugs are not the protesters. No, in Baltimore the Thugs are the Cops who broke a man’s spinal cord because he looked at one of them funny. The Thugs are the cops who smashed that same man’s voice box. The Thugs are the cops who dragged that same  man’s limp body to a paddy wagon. The Thugs are the cops who denied that same man medical aid.  The Thugs are the cops who murdered that man in broad daylight. The Thugs are the cops who took a human life because…. Well, because they are Thugs.

You want to know who the thugs are? Just look for the guys in blue. Among the blue, you will find the Thugs. 

The Epedemic of police brutality and the murder of our fellow Americans must stop. We must stop giving these “Thugs in Blue” a walk. They need to be prosecuted like any other murderous Thugs. And like other murderous Thugs, they need to go to prison. 

Robb Fickman, Houston

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