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Sheriff- If Law Enforcement Acted Like All Lives Mattered,(As you Claimed), then We Wouldn’t Need to Say Black Lives Matter.


When HCSO Deputy Goforth was
killed the Sheriff & the DA connected the killing to the Black Lives Matter Movement.

They blamed the Movement’s supporters for motivating the murder. They scolded the public that Blue Lives mattered and All Lives Mattered! The grief of all law enforcement was understandable. But the Sheriff and the DA were wrong to use this tragic death to make a political statement. Moreover, their political statement was wrong.
Now, we find out that the alleged killer is nuts. He is Schizophrenic & Psychotic. Both the state and the defense shrinks agree he is not competent to stand trial. This man couldn’t form a coherent sentence, much less commit a politically motivated killing. Black Lives Matter had nothing to do with this killing. The Sheriff and DA We’re both wrong for jumping to their  preposterous conclusion.

The Black Lives Matter Movement was necessitated by the seemingly non-stop police assassination of unarmed young black men.
Law enforcement’s rush to condemn The Black Lives Matter Movement trivialized the very legitimate concerns of the black community. Until law enforcement realizes that Black Lives Really do matter, Law enforcement cannot Pronounce that All Lives Matter.  If All lives mattered to law enforcement, Cops would stop shooting unarmed black men. 

All Lives will Not Matter until Black Lives Matter. 

Robb Fickman, Houston

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