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Now is the Time for Every American to Loudly Speak Out Against Trump and his Hate-Mongering 

Friends – I rarely agree with columnist George Will. He is extremely conservative and I am an old-fashioned liberal.  But when it comes to Donald Trump, I  agree with George Will.

As I write this, Donald Trump is on every channel talking about deporting 12 million people. Many in the press are fawning over him and eagerly standing in line to  ask him softball questions. These are not journalists. 

It is easy to dismiss the belicose statements of Trump, the minor league TV star. But it is a mistake to dismiss Trump. He leads in the Republican polls. His vile statements should be loudly denounced by the press, by his opponents and by all responsible Americans. His idea to round up 12 million people and deport them is dangerous and completely Un-American. That he has gotten this far with his hate-mongering does not speak well for us. Our nation is daily disgraced by his rants and by those witless souls who gush over him.

Enough is Enough!  Now is the time for intelligent, thinking Americans to expose the malignant and odious  nature of Trump’s vision. Now is the time to stand up and shut down this dangerous loud-mouthed little man. 

George Will and I come from opposite ends of the American political spectrum. But we both are part of the American spectrum. Trump represents something entirely different. Trump represents something that is foreign to America. His narrow- minded hate speech is alien to America and the Meaning of America. 

George Will says it far better than I can. So I urge you to read Will’s Column. Americans from the right, the center and the left must unite to shut down this would be corporal. Silence in the face of tyranny is complicity. This is no time for silence. We must each speak up against Trump and his ilk.
Robb Fickman, Houston

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