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Headline 2020: “Harris County Grand Jury No Bills 121st Consecutive Cop Who Shot Unarmed Civilian in What DAs Office Claims is ‘ LONGSTANDING BIG O GIANT COINCIDENCE’ “

Houston is lucky to have some top notch reporters who are interested in the truth. Houston Chronicle Columnist, Lisa Falkenberg, is one such reporter. She has a good moral compass and she is not afraid to report the truth. Not surprisingly, some folks in power would apparently prefer she leave the truth alone.

Ms. Falkenberg is currently reporting on our twisted grand jury system. ( See Houston Chronicle: Dec. 31, 2014. “Grand Jury Proceedings secret, but panels diversity shouldn’t be” )

After 31 years, I confess, I don’t think everyone is shooting straight with Ms. Falkenberg. In the above-referenced column, Ms. Falkenberg reports that the latest Houston grand jury that No-Billed a Shooting Cop, asked to have their names sealed.

I have no doubt that Lisa Falkenberg accurately reported what “authorities” told her. But, I wonder wherein did the idea actually originate for the grand jury to request that their names be sealed.

Restated, I doubt that the grand jury came up with the idea on their own to have their names sealed.

If I was a betting man, and I am, I would bet that the idea to have the grand jurors’ names sealed came from the DAO. If that is the case, the DAO wouldn’t want the public to know they wanted the grand jurors’ names sealed. That would make it look like the DAO had something to hide. (which they do).

If you are the DAO, and you have no-billed 121 consecutive cop shooting cases, you might prefer to let 121 sleeping Dogs lie. You might not want reporters looking at those 121 cases.

If you are the DAO, you might not want reporters asking questions that reveal those 121 no-bills, are no coincidence. If you are the DAO, You might not want reporters revealing the DAO largely orchestrated those 121 no-bills. If you are the DAO, You might want to hide your complicity in those 121 orchestrated no-bills. If you are the DAO, you might try to hide your complicity by promoting the “myth” that the DAO made “neutral” grand jury presentations on those 121 cases.

If you are the DAO, and you are promoting the “neutrality myth” , You might want to avoid any contradictory leaks. What better way to batten down the hatches then to convince the grand jury to ask to have their own names sealed. Am I cynical about these 121 No Bills? Yes.

What is the truth?
I don’t know.

I know what Common Sense tells me. Common Sense tells me that 121 No Bills smells like THE FIX IS IN.

Common sense tells me that the DAO is not, and never has been neutral on cop cases. Common sense tells me 121 consecutive no-bills were not coincidence. Common Sense tells me that 121 NO BILLS EVIDENCES THE DAO’s COMPLETE LACK OF NEUTRALITY. Common Sense tells me that 121 no-bills occurred and are still occurring because the DAO leans heavily in favor of the cops on these cases. Period.

That’s not right. It needs to end. Cops who shoot civilians, should not be accorded favoritism by those charged with investigating and prosecuting crimes. The No Bills will continue so long as the current system remains in place. Shame on everyone who is part of this sham. Shame on all of us.

Robb Fickman

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