Did Trump Sell Our Nuclear Secrets

August 13, 2022


Did Trump give the Saudis classified nuclear documents in order to secure his family’s two billion dollar loan from the Saudis?

I do not believe in coincidence. He stole classified documents. Why? Well he wasn’t going to wallpaper his house with them. He stole the documents with the obvious intent of selling them or exchanging them for something of value.

He has no loyalty to this country. His oath was a lie, a joke, part of the hustle. I think he gave classified documents to Saudi Arabia as part of the deal to secure the two billion dollar Saudi loan that was funneled from the crown prince through Jared Kushner. The ultimate beneficiary of that loan would have been Trump.

But what classified documents would Trump have that the Saudis would want? The Saudis want their own nuclear Arsenal. Did Trump give the Saudis classified documents related to our nuclear program to aid the Saudis in the development of their own nuclear capability? (See below)
Trump even spoke about the inevitability of the Saudis having nuclear weapons.

I think someone in the Secret Service caught wind of what he was doing and they reported him up their chain of command. I think that the confidential informant is a secret service agent.

This past week the Attorney General finally showed his face. He was firm, rock solid. I do not believe he would have authorized the application for this search warrant unless the suspected crime was of a heinous nature. Trading classified documents in exchange for a two billion dollar Saudi loan would qualify as heinous. If this theory is correct, Trump has to be stopped. The only way to do that is to investigate & indict him if possible.

Robb Fickman, Houston

3 thoughts on “Did Trump Sell Our Nuclear Secrets”

  1. Think about why the Saudi Govt immediately came to Trump’s rescue once the PGA said they weren’t going to use Trump’s golf courses due to his 1/6 insurrection….all of a sudden the Saudi Govt throw billions to PGA golfers to come play in their Saudi Owned/Trump (traitor) backed Liv Golf…even to the point they are throwing in millions to sue PGA. Then toss in why Jared Kusner got the millions for his New York building that no other bank would touch…Way too coincidental….doesn’t work like that…Gawd I truly hope this time traitor Trump gets what’s coming to him along with the disclosure of the involvement of the Saudi Government…Now that just involves the Saudis….turn then to Russia and what they have on Trump.


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