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Dear Trump Supporters Let us Reunite our Country

Dear Trump Supporters,

You have joined an angry mob that talks openly about civil war in this country. Remember when We all heard the same news. The world has not changed. The presentation of the news has changed. When you watch Fox News, you are not watching news. You are watching propaganda designed to get you to believe the wannabe dictator Trump. And while he may not know it and you may not believe it, Trump is indeed a fascist and the movement you have joined is a fascist movement.

You had Trump as President for 4 years. He held a lot of Nuremberg style rallies and filled the air with fear and hate. He manipulated you into a frenzy where you stopped objectively thinking. That is the truth. You became part of a mob, a cult. It’s hard for you to see it as you are so deeply immersed in the lies that support the cult.

You are not the first people Trump has conned. Recall before Trump had taken office Trump defrauded students who enrolled in his phoney Trump University. Because of his deceit before Trump ever took office he was ordered by a court to reimburse those students he conned $20 million dollars. He practiced conning them before he got to you.

While in the White House he sucked up to every dictator in the world. He sought to emulate them. He wanted large military parades. He wanted the military to put their loyalty to him over their loyalty to the Constitution and thank God our military stood up to Trump. Trump also turned his back on our friends & NATO. His actions weakened NATO and emboldened Russia and we see what that lead to.

Trump lost the 2020 election fair and square. The election was not stolen. That is “ The Big Lie”. He lost and for the first time in history we had a President who would not concede that he lost. He fought the peaceful transfer of power. Why? Simple enough, he did not want to give up the power of the Presidency. He wants to be a dictator. He wants to rule this country like Putin rules Russia.

He filed lawsuits all over the country to defeat the will of the people and he lost every single lawsuit. Why? Because there was no evidence of election fraud. It was all lies. Trump appointed judges repeatedly found there was no basis for his false claims that the election was stolen.

Then on January 6, in a last ditch desperate move he called you all to DC. Some of you answered that call. This was The same day the vote was to be certified. He urged Pence not to certify the vote. Pence had no legal authority to change the election results. So what did Trump do? He incited an angry armed mob carrying Trump and Confederate flags to attack The Capitol of the United States. Trump launched an attempted coup, an armed insurrection. Capital police were attacked. The mob entered the Capital shouting they were going to hang Pence.

Are you seriously proud in your heart to be part of this?
Are you proud to support a President who would incite such treasonous acts? Trump’s own family and propagandists from Fox urged him to take action to stop the attack. Even they knew this was insane.

Did he stop the attack? No. He sat in the White House Dining room and watched the whole thing on Tv. This man, and that is all he is , that you so admire, let Americans attack America’s Capitol so that he might have a chance to illegally retain office. He hoped the attack would succeed but His gambit failed.

The election of President Biden was rightfully certified. Every Republican in DC condemned Trump on that day. They all held him responsible which is not suprising given the fact they were running for their own lives.

Trump has continued to perpuate the lie that he won an election that he lost. He has used this lie to sucker money from all of you. I know because I am on his email list. Like you, I get multiple requests for money from Trump or a Trump family member every day. The emails all claim America needs to be saved and the only way to save it is to give Trump more of your money. Trump is the greatest threat to American democracy and by giving him your money you have enhanced his threat to America. Trump continues his con. You have simply replaced the students he conned before he ever became President.

He says he loves you. He does not love you. He uses you and steals from you just like his friend Steve Bannon. Bannon is indicted for stealing from Trump supporters who gave money to help pay for the wall; that’s the same wall Trump promised would be paid for by Mexico.

Trump views all of you as suckers as you continue to fall for his cons. He plays you and you continue to cheer for him.
Let me put it simply: This Rich guy doesn’t give a damn about any of you. He pretends to care about you only because you give him money, wear his merchandise and attend rallies where you damn near worship him. As soon as you wake up and stop, you will see he doesn’t care about you or your families. He is using you and that is all.

Trump is under multiple serious state and federal criminal investigations. Why? Is it some political vendetta? No. It’s just we live in a country where everyone has to follow the law. No one is above the law and that includes Trump.

His company and chief financial officer have been indicted in New York for financial crimes. Trump may still be indicted in New York.

In Georgia, Trump made a call that we all heard. In a last minutes attempt to change the election outcome he urged Republicans in Georgia to just
“Find” 11,000 votes. Where does one legally find 11,000 votes?

Trump was clearly asking them to illegally change the vote count by 11,000 votes. He asked them to cheat to change the Georgia election outcome. In Georgia Trump is also under investigation for his interference with the election. If anyone else made such a call they would already be in jail.

What more has he done? Now we learn he stole boxes of classified and Top Secret Government documents and took them with him to Florida. These documents belong to the Government. They contain sensitive information from foreign countries. People put their lives at risk in these foreign countries to obtain this information to aid the United Stares. Now their lives are potentially imperiled because of Trumps illegal actions.

How many people’s lives must be put at risk before you wake up and realize he is no patriot ? He is a traitor who stole top secret documents for what could only have been bad purpose. There could be no good purpose in stealing top secret documents.

Now we are told if Trump is held accountable under the law, you, his supporters will engage in civil war. We are told you may take up arms against your fellow Americans. Please know that You are being used as pawns to protect Trump from criminal prosecution.

Trump must be held accountable under the law. If a grand jury of Americans finds probable cause to believe Trump committed a crime or crimes he must be indicted. He will have his day in court and a jury will decide whether or not he violated one or more laws.

If you were to take up arms you would be doing this for a traitor, a liar and a con man. We are a nation of laws. Wearing a red cap does not give anyone immunity from criminal prosecution. If you were to break the law on behalf of Trump, you would be arrested, charged, and likely convicted and sent to prison. None of your fellow Americans want that to happen.

Think about our true values as Americans. Think about Republicans you once admired like Ronald Reagan. In a million years he would not support Trump or his lies or your taking up arms against Americans.

Please remember that We are one nation, under God dedicated to the proposition That All men are created equal. Trump has appealed to your fear of losing a white majority. Do not be afraid.
Americans of all races can continue to live together in peace. We are a melting pot.
Our diversity makes us stronger. In your heart you know that is true.

Trump has appealed to fear and hate. Hate always loses. It is not right for any American to hate his fellow Americans. Trump says we are your enemies. Americans are never each other’s enemies. That is an extraordinary lie and you know it’s a lie.

Remember this, all of us have family members who fought in defense of this country. All of us have family members who died for the United States of America to be free from tyranny. Our grandfathers fought side by side in Europe. Our grandfathers fought and defeated the fascist Nazis in Europe. And now you embrace a fascist wannabe dictator here? Our brave soldiers did not give there all to defeat the fascists in Europe so that you might cheer on a fascist wannabe dictator here. And while our families have all served this nation, not one Trump has ever donned the uniform. Think of that. Four generations of Trump and not one has ever served in the US military. Not one.

Americans argue like any family but Americans are never each other’s enemies. I have spent my life defending my fellow Americans. I would give my life in defense of yours and as a true American I believe you would give your life in defense of mine.

Trump’s crimes and tyranny are coming to an end. If you were to take up arms for Trump you would be pointing guns at young American soldiers; Young men no different than our grandfathers. Nothing could be less patriotic. Your duty, our duty is to our country and not to a con man.

I pray our country is reunited. If we put Trump’s divisiveness, bitterness and hate behind us, as Americans we can and will continue to be a free country. It’s on all of us to defend Our country , not threaten it. Peace

Robb Fickman, Houston

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