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America will Survive Trump’s Fascism

July 29, 2021


A friend of mine, a lawyer asked if I thought our Republic would survive Trump? My answer follows:

I think our Republic will face continuing challenges from the Republican fascists. I also think our Republic will survive these challenges.

Trump has a devoted cult following and he has lackeys in the Republican Party and thug white supremacists that will do whatever he wants. He also has a propaganda machine and some state governments and local police.

What doesn’t he have? I don’t think he has
– the majority of Americans
– our Military Brass
– our intelligence community
– our federal law enforcement agents
– the vast majority of federal district court judges
– the Chief Justice
– a Majority of SCOTUS
– the legal community
-,much of the business community that was previously silent
– main stream media
– the ability to silence his critics
– the same social media access he had
– the same legal immunity he had
– support from any of our allies

So yes, it’s going to be hard, it will likely get very ugly, but in the end I believe our Republic will survive.

I deal with a lot of federal agents, federal prosecutors, Case managers & Federal district court judges. They are generally conservative, but their fidelity is to the Constitution and not this grotesque.

I don’t trust that he will be indicted or convicted.

I think he will run again. I think he will not increase his support. He has no agenda. He will grow wilder and his rallies will be more violent. But in the end, Americans will again reject him at the polls. The courts will protect our elections, just as they did this past year. He lost every federal challenge.

The only way to start to end his movement is to defeat him again at the polls. Last week someone he endorsed lost in a primary.
That’s a good sign. If he loses a second time, and he will, his devoted followers will be far less devoted. They will splinter off and destroy themselves by infighting.

We will beat him. We are not the Greatest Generation. But we are the sons and daughters of the Greatest Generation and we will not surrender America to fascist rule.

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